2018-1 Zambia, Africa

Medical Brigades and Worship Missions

2018 – Zambia Mission Summary


No experience is necessary and all are needed! There is much to do as we unite into a cohesive team of doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, musicians, singers, and those going for the first time.

THE PURPOSE: To impart care, hope, prayer, medical treatment, training and otherwise fullfill our role as Good Samaritans.

WHEN: July 12-29, 2018

OUTBOUND: Depart San Francisco at 4:45 pm, Arrive in Dubai 7:25 pm, Friday, July 13, Layover 14-hours (includes hotel and meals), Depart Dubai at 9:25 am, Saturday, July 14, Arrive in Lusaka at 2:35 pm, Saturday, July 14. (Total duration: 36 hours, 50 minutes) | INBOUND: Depart Lusaka at 9:25 pm, Sunday, July 29, Arrive Dubai at 6:35 am, Monday, July 30, Depart Dubai at 9:10 am, Arrive in San Francisco 2:00 pm, Monday, July 30th. (Total duration: 25 hours, 35 minutes)

WHERE: Zambia, AFRICA – Kitwe, Ndola, Lusaka and Livingstone


2018 SCHEDULE: Day-to-day details forthcoming.


  • A team of “no-experience necessary” volunteers, highly motivated, high energy, willing to pray for people and share their personal salvation story;
  • three or more doctors: one pediatrician, one gynecologist, and one general medical practitioner;
  • three or more nurses; one or more Emergency Mecical Technicians (EMT);
  • medicine valued at more than US$100,000, wholesale;
  • eight mornings of medical seminars, eight afternoons of free treatment to Zambian orphans, widows, and other vulnerable persons;
  • the research to submit immediate and sustaining solutions for leap-frogging a nation’s medical system into today’s most current technology available;
  • a team of musicians and singers; and,
  • a team of teaching pastors requested by Zambia pastors to teach leadership development.


SUMMARY: There are three basic elements to this Pure Works project: 1) to treat orphans, widows and other vulnerable people with medicine to better their lives, sustain them for a longer life, and in some cases, save their lives; 2) to further educate local medical personnel. Other longer term benefits are associated, such as sustaining solutions to the medical system of Zambia that will save lives. 3) to provide leadeship training and evangelism for a select group of pastoral community leaders.

THE PLAN: The entire team will travel to four major cities in Zambia: Kitwe, Ndola, Lusaka, and Livingstone. These four cities will be the focus of our mission project.

THE TACTICS: Each doctor will teach curriculum in morning sessions to local doctors and nurses in each citiy over a period of 2-weeks. Each doctor will participate in afternoon hands-on treatment of patients, and their evenings will be dedicated to statistic compilation, journaling, and outlining technology solutions for the future. Musicians and singers will be providing singing and music, but will also help with registration, triage forms, and other related support for the doctors and nurses. Teaching pastors will be conducting leadership training.

THE HUMANITARIAN AID: The medicine from Pure Works donors is ready to be transported via Fed Ex and also with the team-members coming to Zambia.

CELEBRATIONS: The “band” members and singers will join with the praise teams in each of the four cities celebrating this year’s medical missions in Zambia. Pastors will be sharing multiple times in each of the cities and is under the covering of Foursquare CBAY and Abundant Life Christian Fellowship. The project is being coordinated in conjunction with the Zambia Pastors Associations and the Republic of Zambia.

Let’s grow together! We will change, and we will change the world!

The total team will comprise of three doctors, and about twelve other volunteers including musicians and singers. The team will be traveling to each of the four major cities in Zambia for a total mission trip of two weeks and three days, from the time leaving the US to return. The lodging will be adequate, but not fancy, and Zambia is known for having power outages and water pressure deficiencies.

All food, lodging, air-fare and in-country travel is provided in the mission fare. An all-inclusive price is $3,300 for each team member and in this mission the cost may be supplemented by other individuals or churches, and earmarked for medicine, which the team will ship via Fed Ex, or bring with them to Zambia.

Pastors in Zambia have specifically requested “Leadership Training” in 3 categories: 1) Planning; 2) Evaluation; and, 3) Stewardship. So, this will augment our mission as we wish to respond fully to their wishes. Pastors, please prepare!

We ask that each team member be involved in daily prayer and counseling for those coming and waiting to see the doctors; training provided during preparation for the mission. These activities will be healing and evangelical oriented ministry and each team-member should be able or learn to share their own testimony. Our group of musicians and praise team will be a part of this as well.

The people we engage are historically and primarily women and children who are malnourished, sick, and or have a child in that condition. Week-ends will be spent in participating mission churches, and the team-members will be distributed in pairs to six churches in each city. This is where they will be encouraged to share their testimony and perhaps a short message depending upon their desire to do so. A water baptism for those saved will be included on either the Saturday or Sunday, and discipleship will be emphasized most especially at the water-baptism event, but also throughout the entire mission. One of the week-days will include a pastor’s seminar.

Here are some bullet points of overall mission perspective and preparedness:

  • Mission date: July 12 -29, 2018
  • Ready your passport AND visa
  • Two weeks, three days (lodging: roughing it)
  • $4,100 as of June 4th (all-inclusive, air/ground transport, food, lodging, training and mission logistics, but not souvenirs, helicopter rides, game rides, river rides etc.)
  • Be able to give your testimony (training via orientation meetings)
  • Be able to pray for others (training via orientation meetings)
  • Be able to counsel others (training via orientation meetings)
  • Watch for healings
  • Journal – you may wish to journal

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