Medical Brigade at Hope Fellowship Community Clinic

July 2014 Haiti Mission

With collaborative partners, Pastor Val Chavez of Foursquare Philippines, Bishop Ef Tendero of Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, and Carisa Cruz of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship, the combined projects have several element with different goals. With Foursquare Philippines and PCEC, the elements include food and kitchen items as gifts, and medical brigades. Concert evangelism concerts include accountable discipleship follow-up. With ALCF, Carisa Cruz and team plan to build bathrooms for Young Life Cebu and engage with young people in hopes of nurturing friendships and deeper committments of faith.

Part of the team from Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, California, USA – April 21, 2013 – TOP ROW – left to right, Elson Villavert, Azeem Vecchio, Chad Hamilton, Jesse Cottonham, ?, Daniel Chan, Justin Cai, Josh Alston, MIDDLE ROW – left to right, Rich Young, Christina Alo, Myesha Taylor, Zakiyah Sullivan, Brensley Baker, Taylor Coats, BOTTOM ROW – left to right, Thiago De Souza, Paula Dulce, ? Theresa Delgadillo, Jamina Kirkendoll, Team Leader – Carisa Cruz

Project Prelude: The information below helps define the elements of the project. The elements are designed to aid and support Foursquare Philippines Pastors Val Chavez, Carisa Cruz of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship, Young Life Philippines, and  Bishop Efraim Tendero – Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches in Manila and Cebu. The outreaches are designed to be all-inclusive, and also serve as a template for those who wish to utilize it in the future.  This is a holistic and collaborative, evangelical-discipleship project. The effort includes medical and dental brigades coordinated by the Philippine Relief and Development Services, Pure Works, Foursquare Philippines and local barangay officials. The outreach theme is \”Only 1\”. The outreach and subsequent discipleship retention promotes natural growth from within each church, through mass-scale, one-on-one, personal relationships of believers and potential new believers.

\”Only 1\”
Vision, Goal, Strategy, Tactics & Event Description

Presented by: Rich Young – Founder/President

The Pure Works Foundation

Vision: to see high-yield evangelism based on personal, one-on-one relationships that support valid church growth of participanting churches and other Christian based organizations. Matthew 28:18-20; John 4:35-29; Matthew 13:8 & 23

Goal: To offer and empower tactical support for churches and other Christian based organization to reap the rewards of fruit, much fruit, fruit that remains through discipleship. John 15

Strategy: The \”Only 1\” strategy is to enroll and confirm those believer members of their respective church (organization or affiliate), that they are both willing and able to bring a non-believer, \”Only 1,\” or non-Christian, to an event that will effectively demonstrate the love of God, present the gospel in a manner that will intrigue the non-believer, and provide them opportunity for their decision for Christ. In so doing, the believer member must also agree that prepare themselves as a mentor for the non-beliver they bring. The non-believer must also qualify for discipleship and probable church growth should they make a decision for Christ. How is this done? This is simply achieved by knowing that the non-believer geographically resides in the same proximity of the sponsoring believer who is bringing them to the event, or in close proximity to the church where they would be discipled should they make a decision for Christ.

Tactics: the commitment; the training; the qualifying; the invitation; the decision, the discipleship; the accountability report.

  1. Commitment – must be requested by the pastor of his congregation of believers to invite, \”Only 1\”;
  2. Training – believers must be trained for mentorship in seven (7) basic doctrines of faith by pastor;
  3. Qualifying – the non-believer (Only 1) must be someone the believer has a personal relationship, i.e., family member, work associate, fellow student, and must live in close proxmity to the church of the sponsoring beliver and pastor;
  4. Invitation – must be made with a commitment from the non-believer (Only 1) to attend the event;
  5. Decision – the believer must be responsible for accompanying the non-believer (Only 1) to and from the event and monitor the decision of the non-believer;
  6. Discipleship – the believer must be responsible to their pastor to help mentor and disciple the new believer (Only 1) as directed by the pastor;
  7. Accountbility Report – the pastor must account as to those who made a decision for Christ (however many the total number of his own church believers succeeded in bringing) to the event, and follow up three months later after the event with the status of their discipleship to PCEC.
It should be noted that in addition to the \”high-yield\” evangelism thrust described above, these events will be augmented by medical and dental brigades in three locations. These brigades are successful for evangelism, healing, comfort, renewed dedication and more, not to mention the scripture based \”Good Samaritan\” reach towards the needs of those served. The medicine is being provided by Pure Works partners in the United States, MAP International and King\’s Benovolent Fund. 
Further, pastors and team members from the US will be visiting numerous churches throughout Manila to encourage, share, and pray for Pilipino pastors and staff.


 \”Only 1\” Festival Drama and Concert


5pm – 8pm, June 2013 – See Calendar Above


Cavite, Davao, Cebu


Free Outreach

Event Description

\”Only1\” Festival Drama and Concert – Approximately two (2) hours of concert style music by US based band, split approximately one-third (1/3) of the way through with one song that includes a skit performed by a drama team. The drama team will perform the drama to the song, Everything, by Jason Wade. This drama can be seen and the drama team will duplicate to the best of their ability the drama skit shown on YouTube at: Lifehouse Everything. Following the skit, the gospel and a decision for Christ invitation will be given for the non-believers. Those believers present will monitor and aid in the decision making process of the non-believer and determine if they indeed made a prayerful decision for Christ. 

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