Bringing medicine into a country that needs it is a very good thing. And, since it is a gift to those who need it most it has relatively no “commercial” value and nor is it used to trade or barter.

As an example, this medicine brought into Zambia last week has a commercial value of $1,600. This value is what the medicine was actually paid for in the United States through MAP International. Notwithstanding the commercial value, the wholesale value of the medicine is more than $120,000.  Since no one in Pure Works takes a salary, this parlays into a great return on investment. Donors can know each of their dollars are bringing more than 75 times more value than their donation.

The doctors and nurses in a country like Zambia will also donate their time, too. Treating many vulnerable women and children is a joy, diagnosing their sickness, prescribing the medicine, and knowing you’re helping them through a tough situation.